Thursday, 7 November 2013

Mini chef JC

Studley helped me make dinner for daddy last night. Gorgeous lil munchkin. He so loved helping. Mixing the egg & kneading the mixture. What a lil champ* Ive never really trusted him too much in the kitchen. I guess i thought he would spill the liquid ingrediants or get flour everywhere. Thats bad on my part as I wasnt ready to try it as I do hate food mess. He experimented a bit & was a lil cheeky when it came to stealing the cheese for the quiche topping. But other than that he was concentrating, listening, enjoying & touching everything, so in awe of all the different textures. I do feel now that he will help me bake & cook alot more. I just have to prepare myself for a messy time. Love you studley. 143*

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