Sunday, 15 June 2014

Fathers day

Im sitting here with our sweet bubbas & have asked them why they love you so. I know why I do but Its hard to express strongly enough in words the depth of my love for you as the man I have chosen to love, the man who became my all. You have given me such happiness. Not just in our daring cherubs but in life & love itself. You are my light, my comfort & my heartbeat. When we first met you were so shy, so interesting & so sweetly sensitive but charming. We fell in love at a distance as I left for Australia so soon after our first meeting. My dreams came true when you were here for me on my return six months later. We really have been through so much & then some, creating such positivity & the most amazing family enviroment despite all the hurdles. You have blessed me with the cherished life as a mummy & trusted me so instinctively to love your daughter & let her be my heart too. Such a gift* She taught me how to be a mama in the first instant & from seeing you father her I just adored the idea of having a child with you too. We as a family are strong, in love & so deeply connected. I couldnt wish for anything more. I adore you my dimple king. Now onto what the bubbs have to say :):)
Jasper- Love u dadda. I'll give you a ballerina toy & your a poohead but I love you. and I will give you a birthday with mine when its my birthday so we can share coz I love you. Thanks for playing army with me & nothing else. I love u. Kiss kiss kiss...
Dàrcey- Happy daddys day. Thank u for taking us to lots of fun places & playing army men with us. You make me happy when u give me sweets & kisses and ur a poo poo head face. I like when u make me jump when we play hide and seek. And I like that u make me eggs on toast* and buying clothes for me coz u work hard for your money and buying me toys. kiss kiss kiss. I love you daddy xxx haha we all love you poo head :):)

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