Sunday, 1 June 2014

mummy mode switched off

This weekend has been an array of dates for me & my dimple King. My gorgeous guy who works so bloody hard for us, who we always crave more of & who we all just adore & love immensely. We are such a team him & i. He plays army men with the cherubs so I can have half hour extra in bed of a Saturday morning. I bring him coffee in bed & make him fried eggs sandwiches on demand. We have exactly the same desires & life goals written on a pad for our future checklist, our wants for our childfren & how we parent are identical. I cannot praise this sweet gentleman high enough. He is incredible. The love of my life & the light in his childrens hearts. So having a full weekend of child free evenings was so special. We rarely go out without our bubbas & dont often go drinking thats for sure haha. But we had a brilliant night being carefree on Friday with Garys hysterically funny friends & the wifeys (elec wags) & ended up in a bar dancing around a wine bottle, doing the running man & laughing until my cheeks hurt. So much fun* Then on Saturday evening it was out with Garys work buddys to see Paolo Nutini in concert in Brighton. Awesome show, more dancing & cuddle ups with my hunk. Feeling eighteen again, slow dancing to amazing song lyrics, an amazing voice :):) Just perfection. Not a post about the bubbas, but this is what mama & dadda are when we are child free. In love, blessed, happy & strong :):)**143 always

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