Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Just shy of Four!!

My sweet angel Jasper is nearly four years old. The more this creeps up alongside the prospect of him starting school the more crazy proud & in awe I am of his growth. His baby years!! I cannot quite believe we are here already. In the advance of school days that I will miss him dearly five days a week. In the crazy fact that he runs faster then me, is braver than me & is reading & writing so eagerly like I was at his age. Its just amazing to me. My journey from bump to baby was really difficult, scary & painful. I was very unwell during pregnancy & my labour was so sadly not an event I care to remember. But maybe for all that, I have been given it easy. Because really & truly Jasper is just easy. So chilled, so content with his life. Day to day trips be it an adventure, errand or play group, he has always been so ready & happy for the event. He has had his share of tantrums but they are so few its remarkable. He is just so calm & motivated. I truly adore his lil soul & just have such peace when Im with him. Which is why any anxiety about his schooling is my issue entirely & so not his. He is so ready & eager for September. I however do not know who I am without my darling boy. For four years I have tendered to his every need, gained patience I never knew could exist in me & have such contentment in being in Jaspers company & bring needed I guess. My role as a Mama is my most important & life changing experience. We have had the most immense adventures daily & I will miss these heaps. Anyhow... 
Jaspers loves just now are Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Angry birds & Chima lego. Tomatoes, peanut butter, sausages & ham. Oh & carrot sticks in houmous. His favourite ice cream is Mint choc chip just like his Mama!! His most favourite book is Francesca Simons 'Do you speak English moon?' 
His best friends at school are William, Toby, Hayden & Buddy. Also Alfie but hes just three so wont be following all the boys to school. All these lil buddies are going to Lyndhurst First & Buddy & Hayden are in Jaspers class so he is happy. He can count to 60 as he loves knowing when a minute is up, so he counts it to know how long a minute is!! He loves his books, especially lift the flap books & will often chose baby books at the library as they are one word pages which he likes to spell out & ask me what it says. He loves writing his name everywhere & is left handed & left footed. He is so enjoying the world cup & loves playing football with daddy & has been practising a lot. He loves messy play. He just loves mess** He likes making his family proud! He always asks if he is a good boy revelling in the fact that we praise him highly for his gorgeous ways. When we go to a shop & he is treated with a sweet he always chooses one for his sissy boo too for when shes home with us. He prefers looking for toys in charity shops because they are ready to be played with in an instant rather than sorting batteries & packaging!! He is into wrestling figures & cars just now. His main hobby is to play army men with daddy & Darcey. They play for hours!!! He is so interested in insects, the world, planets & solar system & colours. He sometimes decides his own outfits for the day & has recently chosen a few clothes for summer himself which are so cute. He often asks "Am I cool mama"
He melts my heart at night when after storytime he tells me his happiest part of the day & always finishes with saying how daddy, me, Darcey & himself are family, the Harrisons. He tells me Im beautiful everyday & is so easy to tell everyone he adores that he loves them. He is shy but confident in equal amounts* He sings & dances like a goof. He is FULL of life, love & happiness. He is an angel. A sweet sweet angel...

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