Sunday, 8 June 2014

Nature bunnys*

We are so lucky that my mama & pops house is set on the South downs with their horses fields out the back of their garden & huge open space that is secluded enough to claim as our bbQ patch & football pitch. Had a lovely sun filled afternoon just reading magazines whilst my boys & brothers/in laws played footie & us girls gossiped & dodged the bloody football haha!! Last weekend the babies had a nanny sleepover, being spoilt with ice cream & movies & a whole day with water pistols & outside play. They were so excited to show us their games they had created burying their toys in the chalk mound & digging dirt, getting super mucky & desperate to amaze us with their findings of the baby woodlice family & worms under Grampys homemade bird baths. The place of my childhood adventures, memories & footprints is now my cherubs. Seeing them play, run & seek like i did with my dear sissys & gorgeous brothers is so awesome to me. Just magic** 143

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