Sunday, 8 June 2014

messy play, messy day*

I just love love love the websites I follow on facebook & pinterest that give the greatest fun ideas for science experiments, toddler play, messy art & outdoor fun. Each week Jasper & I have new activities to experience & most of them are so up my street I enjoy them too hehe. Not only am I learning & reminissing on my childhood adventures everyday with my dear sweet cherub but I can share on my blog now & my mama friends see them & enjoy the fun too. This week we played around with moon sand & cloud dough. Flour & baby oil, then flour, cornflour & hair conditioner mixed together. Stud made mini sandcastles for a bit but then decided to flood his sand city with soapy water & get super mucky with thick doughy gloop. He also had dyed ice cubes & water play in the sink, washing his toys. Something he just adores is getting soapy & wet. Starting on his stool standing at the sink he always always ends up in his pants sitting in the kitchen sink. This week we are going to put number blocks into coloured water & freeze them. Then once they are frozen Jasper can enjoying melting, smashing & playing with the cubes until all the numbers are out then we will do addition games with the numbers & start his new Maths book he chose. He is sooooooo clever. Im not just a bias mama. He astounds me knowing addition & subtractions of small numbers already with just a few Mama taught lessons. He just adores learning & actually loves making me & Daddy proud by boasting of his knowledge. He can spell & write his name, he knows alot of sign language, he dresses himself & picks great outfits each day now & this week has seen him wanting to be a super big boy & really mastered a huge life skill-wiping his own bottom hehe!!! 143 bubba boo*

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