Sunday, 13 January 2013


This photo is so uniquely beautiful to me. I took it after a brilliantly fun bath with the shower acting as some water world adventure apparatus, that according to Darcey is not scary anymore (only last weekend she near on broke down when I accidently said right time for your shower baby rather than bath.*) I thought you looked so cherub like that I asked for you to smile so I could take a photo. The spontaneous thought resulted in this fascinating photo that just makes my heart melt. Your smiles & the way you are encouraged to be yourselves is so characterized. Darcey our bright, sensitive, achingly shy angel, look at your happy yet thoughtful smile, definitely a little pensive as you always are with random photos being snapped but still so crushingly beautiful. Straight after you want to see the picture & always laugh at cheeky cherub Jaspey boo. Our handsome monkey, my sweet baby boy, your smiles always break me, they make my heart ache for how much I love you & they make me want to snuggle you so hard :) You are by far, the most fun loving, cheeky, adventure bunny & we adore your crazy, attention adoring personality, it’s the humour of the Harrison household & anytime sweet Darcey gets shy you are the only one to break her. She dances without thought with you, she giggles so hard at your clumsy silliness & she relishes in the thought that she has taught you silly words or to shake your tush tush* Its not just instinctive or unconditional that I love you just so much, you bring my world to a standstill just to stare at you & to capture a photo that’s inspires me so amazes me. But I know anyone reading this post or viewing this picture will never quite understand what I see & have love pouring out their eyes for the emotion it creates!! Its us babys, its family, its mine* blessed beyond expectation** 


Charly Dove said...

What a lovely post Cara and a great photo. They look so happy after their bath! Thank you for linking up with #whatsthestory

Jenny at The Brick Castle said...

That's a great angelic and bright faced :)

Betseyloves studley & cherub pie said...

thank you for the comments. Sorry only just seen these as no notifications* xx