Friday, 4 January 2013

So it begins...

Where to start? I have so many experiences with my little pumpkin pies I don’t really have a start point. I’ll just type & see what happens for now…

Im a little mushy to be honest, way too sensitive & overwhelmed by my emotions on every occasion. So be it humour, events or adventures I post about it’ll have lots of emotions, nicknames & underlying love.

Studley has chicken pox to start the year off but even that has not fazed us. Im so happily content in the joyous family me & Gary (baby daddy*) have created that for me the start of a new year is just a date now. It used to mean so much to me, whether a year would be good or not. Now hand on heart, my life is amazing. We have set backs & problems along the way but these amazing critters that are mine give us such brilliant love & happiness. Darcey went back to her mummys New years day & we miss her so much as always. Jasper crys & refuses to kiss her goodbye, poor boo doesn’t understand of course & she herself doesn’t understand why Jasper gets to live with us but she cant. They are so happy to be around each other, Jasper definitely clings to her & she loves being bigger, faster & stronger than him & plays mama, picking him up & gives him kisses sayin “u kk baby??” I spy on them when they play together, he nearly always wants what toy she has & she nearly always gives it up to him, she laughs at his snotty face & wipes it from his nose & his eyes twinkle in awe learning from her how to play & use his imagination to make their games even more exciting. They are just so cute together. They have such a special bond considering they get such little time together as brother & sister. When I fell in love with Gary I knew I would take on Darcey with huge love in my heart & be a positive influence to her, so to be blessed with being this gorgeous girls step mummy is awesome. Proud doesn’t cut it when I think on our relationship. She is my little cherub pie & I am her bum bum mummy Cara (her choice not mine!!) I teach her as much as she teaches me. Were a team. We bake, we colour, we paint, we sing, we dance (shake our bum bums), we have marshmallow fights & both love doing art & crafts & know were really good at it :) We have girly days too which I cherish. After our last girly day Darcey asked me why I loved her, such a spontaneous, intrigued question from a 5 year old. I told her that when I fell in love with her daddy I also gave her my heart & took on the role of being a special friend to her & as our bond grew we became a family. She then said with her little smile “Thank you”. She said she knew I didn’t have to love her but I did & she thanked me, my heart was solid gold that day. I have the greatest most inspiring bubbas* 143

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