Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow studley*

This week was our first snowy week since you were five months old Studley. You are now 2 years+5 months & you looked out at the snow in such awe & excitement remembering from your Christmas books that snow means building snowmen!! We had such an excitable morning the first day we woke up to snow. We walked a short trip to the seafront café, chucking snow balls & getting cold noses. If u saw a patch of snow untouched you ran circles in it. I watched you enjoy the snow & just feel so blessed to have the happiest little adventure seeker. You slipped over & got up giggling unhurt & laughing at your simple experience of a toddler tumble in the slippy snow, you unwittingly made a snow angel* And you sweet boy are just that, my little angel :)
 We also had a great weekend of snow fun with our amazing family. We had a huge snow war, girls vs boys, you were our decoy bubbs, we hid behind your cuddles for a breather before we bundled the boys again. You ran & laughed so much that you were warm for hours in the snow. We all laughed & shared joy in watching you baby. My eyes look on with such admiration for the boy you are. Its in the littlest things I see this; when you giggle to yourself walking like an astronaut in the snow, when you run smiling towards the sound of a neewnaw, watching you eat breakfast (your cherub cheeks chewing always makes me giggle), the way you smile so kindly at passing children, when you reach for my hand before I get to yours, just your easy, content nature. Your cheeky & happy. Your smile is a heartbreaker & you are so lovely & sweet to strangers who want to tell mummy how adorable & clever you are after watching you for seconds themselves. You’re patient & willing even when we’re doing chores & errands. You enjoy any activity I put to you & absorb so much in everyday life. Just yesterday at the Chemist you got talking/babbling with an old dear & you ended up singing the alphabet song to her, cuddled her goodbye & got tears swelling in her eyes about how fortunate she felt to have met you, her words. Such powerful adrenaline & emotions you give to people just by your glowing presence. Im so proud of you, Im so proud for me & daddy to have created such a blessing to bring such goodness & light into our family. Im so proud of your strong body giving you abilities to be the most amazing little soldier on earth. I said I was too mushy but you will grow to know this, I think the amount of hugs & kisses I steal from you each day shows I cant get enough of you & we must say I love you more a million times over each day** I love that through you we can all loose ourselves in our fun, childish ways. I skip along streets with you, pulling faces & laughing loud so un-caring of anyone who is watching because in my mind I know their thinking, what a wonderful scene. A happy & loving family. Im truly the luckiest mummy to be blessed with you Jasper Casey 

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