Monday, 4 February 2013

My scrumptious love-a-kins**

So Im dedicating some words to my little handsome Studley who has stayed overnight with Auntie Jojo & Weasel, as Im missing him so much I thought id come talk about him**

My happy heartbeat astounds & overwhelms me everyday. He is so amazingly happy & so selfless & caring. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I felt such huge pride in this adorable baby we had created, little did we know we were being blessed with an angel* No step from feeding, bathing, sleeping or potty training has been a disaster or frustration. Potty training a boy is notoriously difficult apparently but my munchkin decided that he enjoyed the praise Evelyn & Gracey got from successful potty trips that at 16months he had his own potty & by 21 months he was dry each day. I never really took much credit for my patience & perseverance because in reality, Jasper loved the idea of wee weeing in a potty, he felt proud of himself & adored the congratulations he received & so he really did work hard himself to be out of nappies. He absolutely knows he has amazed many a health visitor, nursery carer or new mummy friend. He even inspired a few of his friends mummys to train their own children when they saw him successfully & happily using his potty so young. His feeding has always been amazement to me too, never ever in his whole 30 months now has he not tried a food Ive put infront of him. He states lovingly "Mmm lovely mummy" to my home made stews, soups & spaghetti sauce (some of his favourites). He helps me cook & bake sometimes & loves helping butter his toast or pouring his milk! Ive never pressured, if he doesnt like a food, I know & i dont try him with it for at least 6 months, and you can guarantee after 6 months, he will try that food & enjoy it!! His sleeping was a lil hard at first, newborn stage is a given but by 5 months he was demanding his dummy every few hours at night. After reading a brilliant book I followed a guideline for controlled crying and after just 5 nights he decided that the dummy wasnt that important, he held onto it for a few more years though & just this Christmas we got rid of them for good, to baby elves that need them*

He is like a lil sponge soaking up so much knowledge & wisdom in small daily tasks & through singing he has learnt a lot more words & his numbers to seventeen. He is so wonderfully confident, happy & charming. Im so in love with the boy he has become, the toddler who is so active & excited, so loving & sweet & so funny & adorable. We’ve hardly seen a flicker of terrible two’s which being such an independent, feisty boo I thought would be imminent, he is just so content.
Just now he has an almighty obsession with Spiderman which is confusing as he has never watched it, but he says “Spiderman neenaw” because he has the colour red on him so Im assuming his undying love for fire engines, Fireman Sam & the colour red have made him attracted to Spiderman! So we brought him a Spiderman outfit & just recently we found a fire engine toy driven by Spiderman (can u get any better than that haha)** He adores Roxy, Nanna’s doggy & going for walks with her. He loves chucking stones into the sea & the new park built like a pirate ship!! He LOVES cake with so much passion its hilarious* He can read his ‘Just like Jasper’ book word for word & still adores Toy Story & Buzz Lightyear. We’ve started more arts & crafts activities & he enjoys the messiest of course, Playdough & painting!! We go to singing group & Activ8 & biased of course he is the most confident & willing bubba there, singing loud & clear & dancing along to his own tunes. He loves walking in the rain, splish splashing in puddles, he's fascinated by huge tree's & picks daisy's for me & daddy* He loves anything that has wheels, bikes & neenaws are his fave but if you can make a vroom noise whilst playing with it, thats magic* He loves fish, & Santa (even though Christmas was weeks back he still gets out his Christmas sticker books) & baking with mama. He really is a giggle monster & has everyone around him smiling with affection, even walking of the bus he waves bye bye first to the passengers & then a huge bye bye & thank you to the driver. Yes, writing it now, you can see, no lies, he is an angel…the most amusing, beautiful child I could have wished for & such a delight to everyone. This sounds rather boastful but I do have such pride in my amazing son, it is beyond magically wonderful that I was blessed with my scrumptious love-a-kins** 143

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