Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Adventure bunnys*

We had another brilliant adventure this weekend. It was our time with Darcey doo home & i wanted to plan more adventures & fun for my sweet cherubs. I had wanted to run on the sand with Jasper & Darcey since I looked out the windows at work & saw children & dogs running around at low tide, splashing in the shallow waves & getting mucky on the wet sand. So after a hot drink to warm us we headed to the beach. It was so very cold but we were wrapped up so snug & the bubbis were so excited to chuck rocks into the sea that i couldn’t break our plans. Im a little organiser & plan to the last detail so i had spare socks & hats, gloves & snacks to keep them happy if it got too much. We managed to get Meemaw in on the cold quest too :) We got to the sea & Darcey instantly had rocks in her hand chucking them at the deep grey, murky surf. It was so muggy & typical February weather, the air was damp & it was cold but the giggles warmed us. Jasper was terrified but humoured by the crashing waves, the tide was coming in & there was no sand to be seen ( I blame the cafĂ© as they had a toy area for children & we got stuck there longer by a headless spiderman & mini keyboard). Anyhow, after a time Darcey asked if she could paddle. Im usually excited to know the munchkins wanna explore & be crazy, im definitely not too strict in what is right or wrong appropriate wise as a child. Fun to me & fun to a child is so different so I usually try hard to go with it & see where it takes us. I had my anxieties that she would want to leave straight away as the water would freeze her toes but seeing her little shy heart beam when she ran away from the first few scary waves was just amazing. She had such a presence that radiated fun & excitement & in those moments we just loose ourselves. Once she was in to her knees & shrieking with laughter, running at us with the biggest smiles, I decided it was time me & Jasper went in with our amazing sweetpea. Jasper was in awe of his big sisters fearless, animated behaviour but was rather apprehensive that the waves weren’t infact as fun as they seemed. So singing, smiling & holding his hand we shuffled to the waters edge & when a wave lapped we would run away frantically chuckling at our escape. Holding my beautiful babys hands laughing like we laughed is just the happiest, heart bursting love. Sure enough after less coaxing than I thought was needed me & Jasper joined cherub cheeks in the water (meemaw had posh shoes on & was on camera duty, good excuses really!!)  It was beyond bloody freezing & yes there is need to swear, it was god damn ice cold. But so exhilarating…I felt like it was as good as walking on hot coals for my lil rascals. We had such a moment & it was wonderful. Needless to say we really didnt stay long as my numb feet were having trouble carrying my weight & Jasper being the smallest had a wave lap up his little behind & had a "wet willy mummy" haha :):) I so embrace the amazing ability to feel so energised by my lovely munchkins activities & loose myself in the stupidity & recklessness of being a child. So this day I loved because it was reckless & beyond fun. 143**

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