Sunday, 9 February 2014


My love for my little family is beyond overwhelming* There are no words huge enough. No emotions to touch on the feeling as tears within blissful happiness, mixed with fears & worries can skip my heartbeats & thoughts within a second. My heart sings for these darling cherubs I get to call my own, my amazing gorgeous dimple king who blessed me with our children. How could I ever show  enough gratitude to this man who I owe all my happiness. I can say such words with such confidence & security that he has just as much love for me as I do him. Each day Im warmed by his smile, his sensitive words & his kind eyes. The beauty he holds has grown within Jasper & Darcey & we together are so very proud of our family we created. Its perfection, even with the tantrums, niggles & impatience displayed by these angels, I am so very fortunate, I am their mummy, they are my soul xx 143

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