Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Half term*

Ive been slow as per on updating blog as it was half term week just gone. We had four days with Ducky doo here too which was just so lovely. Gary took time off on Friday & we had a brilliant family weekend exploring Lewes Castle one day with my bro in law & niece Skye too. Daddy & Darcey had a much anticipated day date to the cinema & I had time with Jaspey who managed to fall asleep for THREE hours in his buggy so after errands run I sat & read my book enjoying a coffee for two blissful hours. On Sunday we supported a childhood friend on a sponsored walk to raise funds for her lil man Bradley who is very poorly but would love to visit Disney land to see his hero Buzz. Such a great turn out & they managed to raise enough through this day & other fundraising :):) so so brilliant* We had one day were it was just me & the cherubs. We stayed home & just had the most casual, easy day. Games were played, puzzles were mastered & hide & seek was a regular every other hour. I hid for about 10 minutes giggling to myself that they couldnt find me when infact they had looked for a minute then given up, left me & started their own game in the lounge haha! Prior to Darcey getting here I had some lovely rain free days with bubbs & we visited our local museum which was so interesting & I cannot believe we havent visited before. They also have a craft, messy group on a friday that Jasper saw advertised on a huge colourful poster so we will def be trying that. Really great family filled week :):)

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