Saturday, 15 February 2014

Count Master

My studley is turning into a boy genuis* He impresses me so much with his knowledge, his willingness to learn & his desire for me to read his big boy Usbourne books about body, the world & history. His daddy is teaching him sign language & he is just incredible at randomly coming out with an alphabet sign or random word. He asked me to teach him yesterday in sign language, isnt that insane. Im surprised I actually understood him also. Its definatley a skill I would like him to learn more on. I wonder if they have teachers or classes for this for little men hehe!! For now his love of Mr Tumbles & youtube will do nicely. He had a very avid day of poitning out every sdingle number he saw. On his books, his 3 on his shirt & at the park. He had a great time shouting 1-10 on the hopscotch there also. With his love of Lego growing I decided to use a few of his building blocks to use as a counting game & also look similar to lego so he would be more interested, not that he really needed encouragement he was so into it as soon as he saw me using tipex on the blocks!! Excitedly waiting for it to dry so he could be taught the new game. He has to count the dots & stack the blocks in the right order up or down his choice. He held such concentration & wanted to do it all by himself. No help, no guidance, "Im a clever cat mummy!" He really is too. He effortlessly built his tower up then down like a rocket set for take off. He played this with me just sat watching* So intelligent & wise is his lil brains, his fingers so adapt to placing each block carefully, his eyes with such interest. Gosh i couldnt love this boo more if I tried. Im so in awe of him everyday. My boy, my love, my amazing clevet cat!! 143

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