Sunday, 2 February 2014

dancing in the puddles*

We have had annoyingly wet, miserable weather since before Christmas. It has hindered our outdoor adventures as Jasper really isn't a fan of getting cold. He does however love to dance in the rain & splash in puddles to the point of being absolutely soaked. Its such a delight to see his glee at me running & splashing with him & his desire to just go a tad mental is so funny as its just not his character. He's not at all bolshy or harsh as a little boy, he isn't a terror that runs messily through his days. He is really quite reserved & poised for a three year old so its actually nice to see him frantically laughing & being wild. He is such an adventurer & seeks fun in every day & yesterday our exhilarating moment was in the form of running in torrential rain & jumping in mahussive puddles* It was so much fun, his smiles were so overwhelming on my heart & I had fun being a total prat with him. People rushed past smiling & commenting on how happy it must be to enjoy the rain so greatly. It was a precious moment* The pictures are blurry & dark but capture the fun. I love my lil happy boy so incredibly it actually just overwhelms me. 143 sweet bouncy tiggs*

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