Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Sensory play*

I dont know why I have never been brave enough to just let my children experience different senses like they have done at clubs, art classes & activities we have paid for & been to throughout the years. Its incredible how much these bubbas love anything a little messy & different. This week Darcey got totally involved in being so silly with our messy play tub. She has some new spellings she is learning at school & words she is investigating. She wanted to spell some ideas from her newest library book 'Perry Penguin on Ice' so she spelt out Penguin, Arctic & Polar Bear & we froze them into ice cubes overnight. Jasper & I had also made jelly to again set overnight. On Sunday whilst the bubbas had an army battle with dadda I set up the tub with jelly & bowls full of squirty cream on one side & the ice cubes on the other with little spanners to bash the cubes with & salt to help the erosion. I just adore the surprised happy smiles I get when my cherubs see there little fun station. Our kitchen is so small but huge enough for these bubbas & their incredible imaginations. Darcey was so impressed that by holding an ice cube in her hands she could melt it very quickly & used a bowl to fill it with water under her clasped palms. She worked hard for half an hour to melt all the letters incased in ice, she was delighted that i got my hands mucky too helping her & the final cubes we wrapped in a tea towel & bashed together which had her in heaps of giggles, little darling. She then spelt out with a little help the words she had chosen. She was so confident in her game & play, showing Jasper how big girls know how to melt ice & how to spell & read. He was so interested in his big sissys thoughts & ideas but was more interested in the squidgy jelly & eating handfuls of cream haha. After all the cubes were melted they played with the jelly that had become thin & sticky. They washed the zebra & lion & gave them bowls of food to eat. Ducky then started really getting involved with the feel of the smooth jelly, within ten minutes she had spread it all over her hands & arms & Jasper was pouring bowl lads of the mix over her palms. Hysterical laughter & daddys pale face at this was just too much, they would have played for hours but unfortunatly it was near on time to get boo home to her mama's house so it was onto bathtime. They both helped me clean their tub & said goodbye to the jelly mix as it washed down the plughole. In the bath they were talking together about the jelly & what else they would like to play with. Shaving foam gets a huge thumbs up, they still adore this one. I just love sensory play & cannot believe as I said that I hadnt introduced it into our home sooner. This mama is always learning alongside my amazing angels. I just adore every day with my blessings. 143*

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