Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sensory play with fake snow

Studley & cherubs little faces when I surprised them with a playful bathtime of sensory play with shaving foam & army men was just incredible. They have played with paints, water, bubbles & crafts but never really hands on messy play at home. In the bath is the best idea for me as we have new carpet in our lounge & a very small kitchen with tiles & the rest is carpeted. Anyhow Jasper just hadnt stopped thanking me so when I found fake snow in the sales from Christmas I brought some tubes & surprised him for bathtime after his first day back at school. He knew I was up to something & was so cute running round nudey rudey so excited & trying to sneak peaks into the bathroom. When he saw another tub set up with zoo animals in snow & a warm bubble bath he giggled this huge "Thank you mama" & has really not stopped kissing me & telling me Im beautiful since. Thats his newest charming delight. Telling me Im his princess, a superwoman, the best mummy, beautiful & handsome & asking like Casper the ghost "Can I keep you!". The most darling little studley ever, I could combust with how much I love him, his gorgeous words & charming wit & cuteness. He stayed in the bath until it was too cold playing along imaginatively his own zoo scene in his head, saving the Giraffe whos head was stuck in the bubble hat. Sweeping the snow with the monkey & tucking them into bed with the snow as a blanket. I drained the bath & he then played in the bubbles that still clung to the tub, slipping around on his knees laughing so much* After reading The Gruffalo's child (favourite book of all time according to Jasper & Darcey!) & watching the movie it was bedtime. Sweetest snuggle ups before & this sensitive soul telling me a story he made up alone about a doggy called Monty (he always features in our short family stories!! Even being a superhero doggy in daddys tales!) I just adore my sweet boy & am trying to take even more moments of connection with him, stopping chores Im doing to read him the book he's asking for & being patient when he slows walking & wants me to carry him for a cuddle. He is getting such a big boy, he is four this year. But he will always be my darling SONshine, my heartbeat, my baby. I dont want these adventures to only be for after 3pm or at the weekends. He's so excited for big school, we drive past & he shouts "see you soon" & when Ducky talks about school he asks if his big boy school days are closer yet! But Im not ready. I have huge anxieties with how I feel about him going to school so young, so soon. Ahr here I go again, anyhow FAKE SNOW SENSORY PLAY WAS A HUGE HIT!!! the end** 143

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