Friday, 24 January 2014


Ive been really lame at keeping up to date on here this month. I have missed fab linkys I wanted to join in with & just not been connected to write words down. We have been very busy & Im back in the gym so shattered always haha. But we have still been adventuring of course. Yesterday we went to soft play & bouncy castle heaven at Tumbling tinies with Jaspeys buddys Eddie bear & Lilly. We have been to Jasper's 'Wot a mess' art group & Jasper now has his first pair of Nike football boots from daddy for there SONday fundays when I work. He looks unbelievably cute in his whole kit & just adores playing footie & learning the rules with pops. We have been confident to bring some messy play activities home as Jasper just adores his messy play group. Ive posted about some of these activities & have had days were we have just enjoyed this activity but no pics. New materials have been used. We had rice & pasta out with zoo animals & then included fake snow the next day which mixed with the rice created amazing castles & Jasper loved making cakes & castles for most of the day on & off. Bathtimes have become another sensory time with water, shaving foam, bubbles & character games that he can get silly messy with as he is in the bath. So we have been same old here. Just me being slow paced so I blame that on January as this seems to be my excuse each year. For me, im enjoying the gym & classes, my new casserole dish from Christmas, experimenting with eyeshadows again which I adored as a teenager, reading a lot more which I seemed to loose over summertime last year & of course everday is a blast with my darling boy. I love that Im his teacher in everything just now, not just numbers & letters, exploring & fun. He is starting to try & count & understand reading, he loves to cook daddys dinner with me, he is understanding his body so much more & we do lil exercises together as he understanding health & illness alot more. Today he said to me "Lets sit & talk about whats in our brains mama!" What a stud. So darn cute & amazing. This morning his rice cake was bitten into many shapes that to me resembled no shape in my eyes but to him became a rainbow, a purple car, a stone from the sea & then a bean from Jack & the beanstalk for the last little nibble. Stupidly amazing boy** 143 x

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