Saturday, 11 January 2014

siblings* January

My little cherubs are different to the view I had of my siblings at a young age. They are devastatingly parted each week to stay at separate homes in different towns & have the sadness of goodbyes & missing each other every weekend. Its nothing but heart breaking! It is where our family is weak & has pain. But as soon as our bouncy little princess comes home it is alive once again with laughter of TWO cherubs not just Jaspeys darling giggles. And what a joy that is. The ache of missing Darcey is only dulled by knowing we have a short countdown until we see her again. For me & Jasper at least its a mid week visit after school enjoying a hot chocolate & doing their learning books for extra time with our ducky. They have such a great, close bond although she is bossy & struggling with the fact Jasper is bigger & inventing new game ideas & playing himself, not just following her. Some alone time given is always so brief as one of them will creep back to the other with a new play idea & they are off again. I love my sweet angels like you couldn’t imagine, Darcey not being born to me but is this amazing lil lovebug best friend to my sweet boy, such a great, inspiring big sissy. He in turn is so affectionate & passionate about his amazing big sister. He really thinks even when she is being a stroppy bum that she is the coolest girl. I adore how they are together, so innocent, fun & creative. Explorers, adventurers & philosophers! Mini Bear Grylls in the making!! 143 sweet bubbalubbas**

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