Saturday, 4 January 2014

First of 2014

Since Boxing day minus one day we have had Darcey home with us. Its been wonderful, magical, exhausting hehe & much needed family filled fun. We have all so enjoyed Gary being off over Christmas but this week he had to return to work. Our new years day was very chilled, sleepy, easy. So I made sure the two remaining days we had with Ducky were energised & adventurous. We headed out early Thursday to our local swimming pool. We stayed for over two hours, the bubbas knackering themselves with so much swimming, Darcey unaided from her rubber ring more than not & doing such brilliant underwater swimming even without her goggles. Jasper discovered that he really isnt afraid of the slide & they decided for half and hour they would pair up & go down the huge yellow flume as a pair. I watched them up the steps then would meet them at the bottom. They just adored this & the smile of studleys face was just too precious. Lil miss gappy was a giggling crazy haired mermaid, such a water bubb* She'd would come down in a different position each time where as Jasper was so controlled as to not get to splashed on the exit hehe. We headed home for art fun & painting experiments. We had seen on tv that morning a paint activity that taught what colours were created when mixing primary colours together. Darcey now has remembered what these mean & what colours mixed creates what. Such a sponge brain** They have been playing together all day & started to get cross at each other so Darcey had some time on her own with their toys in their room & Jasper helped me wash up. After ten minutes she was asking him to play again bless her. For bathtime I got their sand pit into the bath tub & covered the bucket area with shaving foam & their army men & horses. This is a game they love playing with dadda so often. They kept thanking me little darlings just so adorable* Today we have had all their Christmas books out, Gruffalo film on, arts & colouring with their buddy Ruby & learning fun with Darceys alphabet stamp set. Nice & easy. Until it was time for bubba to go to mamas but thats a whole other post :(:( Love u Darcey doo, my lil angelface. Beyond measure* YOU R SO LOVED SWEET GIRL!! 143*

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