Saturday, 11 January 2014

Painting pasta

I recently saw a post by a fave mummy blogger of mine Charlie Farlie. I have seen this idea before & wasnt really too keen as Jasper seemed to little & with Darcey always being so energetic & dare I say it advanced :) I figured she may not want to do such an easy paint art creation. I was wrong. Stud & Boo just loved this tonight. Penne pasta at the ready & sponge paintbrushes with all colours of glitter paints. Paper down they dabbed, rolled & painted pasta for nearly an hour getting hugely messy but so widely happy. Showing off every pasta piece to each other & me & dadda with such pride. They enjoyed mixing colours to create another like we did last week. They especially liked when the pasta they had painted yellow got a little green on it. Marvelling at the marble like mixtures. Such a brilliant, easy activity that will tommorow become another craft of threading the pasta tubes with string to make themselves a necklace. Darcey is just so excited to wake & do this. Brilliant fun & happy crafting**

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