Wednesday, 8 January 2014

bella, the girlies & boo*

My mama & twinny have owned horses all my life. Of course my mama first & then my sissy got one in her teens. They both have the bug but I am genuinally terrified of big dogs let alone horses. Tragic I know* But Ducky & Stud love them. They love that just five steps from nanna's back garden on the south downs is these beauiful girlies Chloe & Bonnie in a huge field to explore & love. After a much needed catch up with Bella I felt brave & in want of fresh air so we headed for the field. It is mud drenched from all the rain, welly boots being suckered into the deepest mud & a workout just to get to each section of the fields. Such hard work on my mum & Bella bless them, & the poor horses :( Jasper of course loved it. He wanted to touch everything, help Bella with the feed buckets, push hay in the nets & pick up to doo!! (He had rubber gloves on dont worry!) He is such a nature boy. He marvelled at the bowed shape of the trees in the areas that create shade in the summer, he enjoyed the mud & slipping & sliding & just wanted to help so much. Bella said "Jaspey Ive left some poop there for u to get!" & he thanked her haha. So bizarre. It was mud rocks underneath he was gettin but he is so cute, so wanting to help that he didnt mind doing the 'crappy' jobs too hehe. He stroked Chloe & threw rocks for Roxy after then put the waste food out for the foxes that regulary visit the field. Lovely, easy afternoon!! 143 sweet baby boy*

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