Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy Blogger-versary to me!! One year old*

Wowsa, where the hell has this year gone. Everything is flying by scarily fast. Ive been blogging now for a whole year. So proud of all my wonderful memories documented with photos & actually read by other people than just my twinny haha!! Ive so loved reading through old posts this week. Its all so inspiring. I cannot believe just how little Jasper looked last January compared to his athletic, tall lil bod now. He was still taller than most his age but still had his double chin & turtle toot head hehe. But now he loks like a little Next model, like a boy. A boy ready for more adventures this year before he starts BIG BOY SCHOOL!!! AHHHRRR!!! I cannot believe Im even writing that. It gives me nauseus butterflies in my belly & honestly does not make me feel easy. I applied for his catchment school after viewing it & Jasper falling in love (he cried when we had to leave). It had such brilliant play areas, huge amount of books & educational toys & displays, visual art & learning on every wall space & teachers that greeted Jasper before they spoke to me, something I find very comforting seeing as they will be more his friend than mine. I have so many hopes for his schooling. Im not a stern, strict parent in the thought school is strictly for learning to become a Doctor or Scientist. I want Jasper to enjoy his school, his friends, his playtime, books, numbers & not worry like I did if he remembers every date in his History lessons (obv when he's alot older!!). Oh god my mind is a blur now with these thoughts. So anyhow a year in blogging. This is incredible. Heres to another year, a great start to 2014 & a heap more inspiring adventures & fun* My babys...I love you so utterly, overwhelmingly and unconditionally. 2014 is all about you my darlings* 143

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