Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year 2014

I have been blogging for a year. January 3rd is when I created my first post inspired by my love of reading, writing & seeing so many blogging mamas on twitter. With a little advice from a few I set up my blogspot page & have cherished the time to sit down & really pour my heart out into these posts & hope one day my children will read & be inspired, feel overwhemingly loved & cherished & enjoy the photos of their childhood. Darcey is at my side as I write this & has asked me to read her what was in a post, she giggled as I read a post about her & her gorgeousness. Just love her too much!! We spoke about our favourite moments of 2013 & what has been incredible about it. Gary & I agreed that his new job has been such a blessing, & for him his confidence in his outstanding work ethics & efforts has grown, inspired by the praise from so many of his clients & his bosses. Im so proud of him, he is such a hard grafter & when I feel sensitive about not working enough or spending money on myself he is so quivk too tell me how much I do as a mother & homekeeper. He is just amazing** We as a couple just work so well & I hope in 2014 we will have more love & effection into our relationship keeping us strong. We are also very proud that after many years of persistence our relationship with Darceys mummy is good. We all communicate, we all feel blessed to enjoy Darcey & we are all civil. That to me is just huge. To Darcey, it has changed her. Shes more open, honest, happy & confident & that is what all the efforts were for, my darling Ducky. Also we are thankful from this that we get more time to spend with her & I am able to participate in Darceys schooling & helping her mum on days she is at college to get Darcey from school & enjoy hot chocolate & homework before dropping her home. When I asked Darcey what she enjoyed about 2013 she was quite confused but then stated she loved ice skating with daddy ( this a memory from back in January!!) & loves that she now shares my childhood nickname Gappy & liked me telling her the stories of how my teeth fell out. Jasper made me laugh so much. I asked him & he just looked around the room listing his toys. "I liked playing lego, I liked playing army men..." haha. I listed some things for him and he agreed he loved them all. Adventures, summer fun, starting pre-school, Christmas, Turkey holiday to which he jumped around remembering the holiday song which he still insists on listening too. This year has been my favourite year of all. The communication & laughter we have with our darling SONshine is immense, Darcey doo's character has shone through with her confidence growing, even Daddy & I have enjoyed adventures to the London museums & seeing our favourite band Bastille play in Brighton. I am not unaware at how truly blessed & incredible my life is, I am so grateful for the people who have created such incredible happiness for me. Im proud of the happiness I have created within myself, for myself & for others. I am in love, I am spirited, I am full of light & happiness. I hope in 2014 this can see me through & inspire others also. I hope to not be ignorant to others hurting, I want to raise more for local Charities as we did so well for my cousin raising thousands, to this day I will still be immensely proud of how we as a family acted in such a awful time. It has made us stronger, created a bond like no other & brought me especially closer to my gorgeous sisters. I didnt actually think we could be clser but they truly are my best friends. For my children, I desire pure happiness, belly laughter & more adventures & fun. For my darling boyo Gary, I hope you keep on the high you so truly deserve from the hard work you put into every part of mine, Darceys & Jaspers life before your own. You are my everythign & I adore you hubbs xxx Happy new year, many wishes & huge love & light to you all* 143

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