Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas crafts in November :)

This post should have been written a couple of weeks back but Ive been ill & out of sorts so havent given myself time to enjoy my blog. But im back with such excitement for Christmas. Along with my dear good friend Helen & her darlings Eddie & Lilly we have been super mamas crafting alot with our autumn bucket lists & now a new Winter one. Well our house has just a Christmas one as we have so much to enjoy this month in the festive lead up to the amazing fun family holiday that we all adore here. We are so alike in wanting art, learning, exploring, adventure & fun & play to be a huge part of every day for our angels. I follow a great blogger on Nuturestore that has fab craft ideas daily that me & Jasper have set too. Im just so in love with living life through this wonderful boy & my sweet heartbeat Ducky when she is with me. I adore his way of seeing life, i adore his seeking & exploring of the littlest kinds & so enjoy the slow, steady days full of heaps of activities. We had a great afternoon with Helen & Jaspeys buddys making homeade pizza & us mamas made these amazing cheese, blueberry & grape penguins. I just love them & will be making them & hopefully more food animals this month. Jaspey & i were poorly last week also so we had a few days in doing puzzles, painting, making leaf prints with playdough & reading alot. He has a new learning book & the first few pages are just learning pen grip & as my little stud is a lefty he does struggle a little with tracing dotted letters & numbers bless him. But he goes so slow & is so patient & has such a motivated, persevering character. He knows all his alphabet & is slowly starting to spell out his name. He loves finding his name letters in books & Im so encouraged to teach more & more every time he shines with pride because he has again worked hard & shown such wisdoms for a three year old :):) Im such a proud mummy. There is too much to detail daily that makes my heart sing with my sweet studley. Just today he collected me from work with Grampy to see the Santas grotto we have set up & my darling boy was so confident & polite to all my dears I care for & they just adored him. He overwhelmed one sweety Joan with a cuddle & made her cry. What a babe. Such a great character & sweetheart through & through. 
As mummy I want to give simply everything to my children, of course. I have enjoyed so much learning new art ideas & techniques myself & seeing so many fab bloggers that I follow create their cherubs homemade advent calenders I decided I would give it a go. My advent tree made from 25 loo rolls, huge amounts of paint, glue & tisses paper & filled with treats (that hubbs & I ate & had to shop for again) is a leaning Christmas tree advent made with pure love & an exciting tale. Each night Jasper & Darcey knew that two happy elves Jingle & Dec were spending time with me to help build the a suprise to start the festive month with. When I revealed it to them, their smiles just beamed such excitement. And not just for the treats inside, for the story behind it & the unique look so different from what they know an advent to look like. I just love them* Such angels. Ducky got to open December 1st which she was over joyed with & they each have a treat in, altho at first she pulled just one item & was so ready to half it with her lil bro :) too cute. Jasper was so accepting of Darcey gettin to open the first also knowing she wont be able to open many being at her mummys so much more, I am so very proud of him, as a three year old he is so aware & so wise. Happiness, happy nest :) 143*

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