Monday, 2 December 2013

Winter beach day

We had such a great time this weekend. Hubby was off work all weekend & we had darling Ducky & a day with the bro in law & our niece Skye who is Darceys most favourite girl bud ever. We decided after the fun of our last beach adventure that we would head to town for essentials, a coffee & snack (babychino for the angels) & see when the tide was far out to walk on the sand. We got lucky & had the most amazing hour running through the seas puddles (wonder if they actually have a scientific type name) & searching under the Worthing pier where we found beaut shells & the babys excitedly squelled how they had found fish, crabs & a Christmas elf swimming. All gone far too quickly for me & daddy to see haha!! Jasper may aswell of run through in his socks as his wellies filled up when he ran through a deeper puddle haha. We again poured out an ocean from his boots after we got back to the promenade. The photos I took are stunning, it was such a sunny day with a cold, crisp air & so picturesque. I'll let the photos do the talking. They made my heart sing, capturing such adventures & precious moments with my loves. 143**

ps-loving my new phone photo app 'A beautiful mess <3'

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