Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Christmas Joy 2013*

Christmas is so special to me. I remember the years as a child being so incredibly excited in anticipation for being spoilt rotten not only by my amazing parents but my grandparents. As a child it was all about the gifts, I loved of course the Christmas treats, food & our huge family being together. Playing North south east west in my nannys kitchen with my sissys. Getting given an argos book to circle all the toys id like before the big day. Being brought a beautiful Christmas outfit. No doubt about it we were very lucky & spoilt. That word meaning in a luxurious, grateful, happy way not with the bratty connotations!! Im blessed with the most incredible family. Two sisters, one being my twinny boo & two brothers. My gorgeous mama & silly as a kid Pops. My grandparents have all sadly passed apart from Nanny Molly (still a spring chicken, going to her clubs, stil driving, out & about always bless her). The memories alive every Christmas day fill me with so much happiness but I definatly do have a lil prayer & quiet moment too. These were blessed times that I will recreate for my own children. And my mum as a Nanna now is the double of her mama. Incredible Nanna, so loving, so emotional. She calls Jasper her sunbeam, just melts my heart!! Anyhow, Christmas hehe. We had a wonderful few days. Christmas is never just one day for us. We celebrate for as long as possible. Spending heaps of time together & us four stayed at my mums for a few days. We had Ducky Christmas eve until Christmas morning. Then picked her up Boxing day morning & have had her bar one day since. We now have her over New Years. Its been amazing us as a family for so much time. Stealing cuddles all throughout the day. They have been playing so brilliantly & sharing all their new toys & books. They have the Guess who game & Darcey is trying to teach Jaspey how to play. They are currently running around in their Thor & Spiderman outifts. They have had moments were the craziness of Christmas & being given so much became excessive & they behaved a bit naughty, more so Jasper, but tiredness & lack of routine definatly contributed. It was just such a great festive time. Gary was off more than he has ever been over Christmas, we played cards, cluedo & battleships & I beat him on all at least once hehe, we drank wine & ate too much, cuddling in the snuggle chair. Love him too much*. The gift of family is the greatest blessing this year. Im so so grateful for how wonderful my family is & how brilliant they are to my darlings* 143

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