Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Santa Claus

So Jasper has seen an array of Father Christmas characters this fortnight. He had a wonderful treat trip to Drusillas with Darcey on Sunday with my brother Sam & his girly Katy (so so grateful & in awe of how loved & cherished my little angels are by my family!!) They were so very spoilt in such a loving enviroment & adventures galore even though the sun didnt shine for them & most of the animals were hiding from the cold. They saw real Huskys & stroked them, cuddling up for photos. Darcey adored them & it reminded Jaspey how much he wants a pet pooch called Monty for our home. They both asked Santa for a Husky dog & the incredible thing was Santas offering was a Husky teddy dog that they both adore. Darcey had called hers Holly but today told me he is actually a boy doggy & is called Rudolf. Jasper called his Monty straight away. Daddy & I make up tales some evenings for their bedtime stories & a while back I includd a super hero dog called Monty. Hence the obsession studley has now. I do hope in the new year we will add a small pooch to our family as I do just adore having a dog in the home. Ive grown up always having a companion or three. we had a lot of rescue dogs in our home & I adored them all. Jaspers bestest ever friend is his girly Roxy.
Anyhow back to Santa Claus. Darcey has told us of visits she has had with her mama & again with her aunt & Nanna & she also saw Santa Claus the Musical at our local theatre. Jasper enjoyed Jack & the Beanstalk panto with Nanna & Jojo last week. Today Jasper had his preschool nd of term Christmas party & my gosh he made me & Daddy so so proud. He was very kind & thankful to Santa who came to watch him & his friends sing carols which wow, he sang so confidently & happily. Literally melted my heart seeing him hold hands with his buddys for circle time then stand listening to his teachers well & obeying their actions & words to create a brilliant service for us mummys & daddys. Al the children were great actually & at one point I had a burst of giggles as Jaspey was singing Jingle Bells so high pitched all you ould hear was him. Bloody brilliant. Darcey was a camel in her play which due to work schedules we couldnt attend which was guttting but luckily her mum sent us pics & videos. So very hard though to explain to Ducky that we couldnt come even though she explained she didnt enjoy her play & being in it so wasnt upset we werent there. Kind of easier I guess* Although by any standards in her videos she sang along well & happily so I dont think she really disliked it :) We saw Santa again dancing to the Rotary club band in town & he was a dancing jolly Father Christmas & had Jaspey staring in awe. I gave bubba pennys to put in Santa's pot & they had a cuddle & so I took a pic of course. Jasper just kept hugging him & then had a little dance with him. Literally too cute!! He adores this festive excitement & I just smile inside watching my sweet boy so imspired by all the cheer & excitement Christmas brings. Just such magical times!!* 143

Merry Christmas wishes & New year dreams & love***

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