Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Just cant even...

This photo I took of Darcey this weekend just is too much. She came home beaming with pride about her new short hair like mine. Oh so cute* Such a tomboy, she says she wants it as short as Jaspeys haha. But this is beautiful & makes her look so cute & grown up. She also has her top front tooth hanging on but even as I type I know it may even be hiding under her pillow tonight, it was so loose. She has lost three teeth now & this will be her 4th with more wobbling in her gums. My lil gummy bear! I adore these photos of the cherubs. My heart just thuds with pride that these darlings are mine to cherish. They are such a blessing to us, such a blessing to all our large family. Adored by so many* 143

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