Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas tree is up :)

Such a special simple day. Oh i love Christmas. Today we have Darcey home for a sleepover after school as her mum had an event to attend. We have her until the morning before school, so all evening me & daddy have been in stealing snuggly, sleepy kisses. Shes so darn cute. Any how as promised from the weekend we decorated the Christmas tree. It was done within ten minutes with the bubbas doing all the hanging, so excited looking at all their 'favourite friends' from our tree last year. Jasper really remembers his snowman, so sweet as he was only two* They each have a beautiful decoration each, Jaspers snowman & Ducky has Santa which she didnt want to hang on the tree just yet hehe. They are from Accessorize & quite pricey but I want to get one each again this year as they are so gorgeous & can be a tradition for us for a few years until we have a full nativity style scene hehe. The pictures are blurry & awful quality but just the BEST!!! I love them. My childrens hearts singing such happiness & smiles like a cheshire cat. Its all so exciting. The whole month of December is so special. The cherubs have fully encaptured my tales of Jingle & Dec the elves & adore Santa of course. They truly believe Jingle & Dec helped make them their advent which they get so happy about popping through the tissue paper to see whats in store for them :):) And today they ate off their Christmas plates so they thanked Jingle & Dec out 
loud :) 
We went to library today & got Christmas books. Darcey read a stage three Usbourne learning book about Perry the penguin staying warm with such ease. She is incredible. She bores easily of her reading as she does a heap at school but after me reading a few books it was her turn to show off & wow, she impresses me & hubbs just so much that we felt overwhelming ,tearful pride. Such a clever lil brain bug :):) They are so adorable together, yes they have their arguements, about who gets Wolverine in a game usually!! But they are so loving to each other. At the library Darcey sought books for Jasper to enjoy (Superman easy read & Tree top tom-which she then read to him) & Jasper holds her hand everywhere. I just love them so incredibly. Jaspey is so funny too, he loves the moving, spin doors at the library & right at the end of going through them he dropped his glove. He stopped to pick it up & bonk, the door pushed his lil tush & he fell forward giggling so much. It was so cute & hilarious all in one haha xx 143 sweet angels*

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