Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Merlin & Jaspey*

My auntie Juli has the most darling lil pooch Merlin, Merly to Jasper. So to surprise bubba from pre school Juli brought Merly up to pick him up him dressed as a santas helper, velvet red neckacheif & reindeer ears, so so cute. He was very happy & loved showing off his lil buddy to his school friends then it was off for a picnic in the park. Well two parks & the beach actually. We ran, skipped & chucked the ball around my favourite Beach House Gardens.As usual stopping to talk about the huge trees & marvel that the pansys are still blooming even in this cold. We then heading for coffee & a croissant at Coast cafe on the seafront & let Merly pupp have his first experience of the beach & seafront by Splashpoint. Jasper climbed so Merlin climbed, Jasper jumped & Merlin followed. Far too cute & even my auntie was acting like a hilarious kiddy by doing somersaults over the bike rack, so I had to have a go too. We all just revelled in being stupid & having such fun. Jasper was such a babe & looking through his 'binoculars' to view the sun & pier. He amazed us by splashing his hands in a puddle on the rocks & marked his handprint all over the black stone in the fountain area. Such an artiste :) The day was amazing, cold but so sunny we needed sunglasses. Perfect photo weather & as usual I snapped away gettin some gorgeous shots of these lil munchkins. I live in such a picturesque area Im very lucky but I think five years ago I wouldnt have appreciated the views as much, I am such a nature lover now & love how mesmerized Studley is by all the scenes of his home town. After coffee I looked after Merlin whilst Juli & Jaspey went to play in the pirate park making a sand Christmas cake & gettin all the ingrediants together from across the park. We were out for a few hours before Jasper showed he was tired. After a busy morning at school then so much fun with Merly it was bath, dinns & early night. Yet another great afternoon with amazing company, good giggles & two gorgee studs :) So very blessed* 143

ps-on the walk home we went past a favourite tree of Jasper & Darceys in B.H Gardens. Im not sure what tree it is, I must find out but wow, the change in season has marked itself truly on this tree. It looked so sad & haunted & Jasper actually said "Oh mummy my tree has no leaves, has it died." It really does look so sad & the branches have lowered so far so that Jasper could touch them where as in the summer him & Ducky enjoyed jumping to reach them. Such beauty in nature & such a contrast to show just how the weather effects it. Jasper is learning so much in such little time with all his senses heightened when were out, wanting to know every detail of life. So incredible my lil sponge brain boo xxx

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