Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas crafting

I cant say I have been too organised this year with Christmas. I started with ideas & searching gifts out from October so thought I was doing well but after a month of sickness on & off in November I lost my stride.I have however shopped for my lil cherubs for all my family as they have pointed out so many ideas so just easier this way, we spent an hour in Waterstones one day & seeing the range of books Darcey & Stud enjoyed was great for ideas for my nan to spoil them with. Such lucky boos. 
We have however kept on top of our art fun at home. We also do a lot each week with my great friend Helen & her cheebies Eddie & Lilly. Helen is a friend I just adore as a mummy. Shes fun, playful, so loving & such a super mummy regarding activities, art & craft ideas for her kiddy winks to have fun each day. We are constantly messaging ideas & links to each other for new activities each week we want to try out. Happy hooligans & Nurturestore are favourites. Eddie & Lills have a fantastic art wall space in their home too & its just as full as my cherubs art wall in their bedroom. I adore that they look at their work each day & Jasper always talks to me about his name being displayed & his Transformer picture in a scribble that I cant understand but to him it is a full picture that he will describe with such details. I have posted about the advent calender I (& Jingle & Dec) made for the bubbas. They just love everyday popping through the tissue paper to gain their xmas themed treat & note. Darcey of course has only had a few mornings of waking to be able to do this & she showed such excitement. Jasper has told all of his lil buddys, aunts & uncles. I love that they are happy with it. 
He brought home some gorgeous makings from pre school & was so excited to see that Jingle & Dec (hehe) had hung his work in the hallway as Christmas decor. He is so proud of himself at the moment. He knows he is a good boy & knows Santa seeks to give gifts to all the good boys which excites him so much, he expects he will recieve thousands of gifts (his words lol.) 
Jasper has shown his left hand cutting skills are brilliant so we have attempted snowflake cut outs & we are painting doilies to make a paper chain (We ended up painting the tables then dipping the doilies in as bubba was sad he was quite heavy handed & breaking the edging & it actually became a great idea for marble effect painting!!) He actually does really enjoy cutting & is really skilled considering he is left handed although making his Christmas wreath he assisted my cuttings out & cut all the fingers off for ease on his hand prints to cut. They still have been added to his wreath though & that is the bit he points to when showing it off haha!! For his wreath he especially loved me painting his feet, tiggling his toes in the bright red paint so he could stomp across the paper layed out on the kitchen floor.  He really loved this activity & kept saying to me "Thank you mummy, I just love this!!" Bless him. Too cute a loot cherub bum.
We also followed an idea I saw along while ago but didnt have the materials to craft with. We made a Christmas collage this week. I cant tell you the right name for the laminating sticky paper we used but I taped this down sticky side up in a rectangleA3 sized. Jasper had cut up some old Christmas cards & we had lots of Christmas themed bits to stick down. He spent a good half hour neatly placing all his pictures, sequins, stickers & bows. When he was ready I placed A3 card over the back & folded the sticky edging round. Just like that his picture was created so easilly & mess free, no pva glue wont stick nightmares & a very happy lil Studley. The result was so brilliant & again being displayed for our festive decor for all to enjoy. Such a great week of art fun. 143 sweet angel*

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