Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Sunset walk*

We have Darcey so much this holidays which has been amazing. So wonderful being with her for simple things like dinner at the table with us all in a seat, for stories at bedtime & for the good morning stinky breath kisses. She has grown so confident & energised recently, she had her hair cut shorter which she has always wanted, she acts more to how she wants too, tomboy & proud* She still loves her teddies & we created a bear hunt for her on Boxing day with beany bears scattered ober Nannas house for her to find. I wrote her a note & reading it aloud I actually got way too emotional. It reminded me too much of my nannys treasure hunts for me, secret pressies in homemade crackers, getting all slushy over the blessing of these two children I get to treat & spend Christmas in the magic of both our angels. Just incredible* Jingle & Dec were elves I told tales of, they helped me wrap gifts, create my toilet roll nativity & brought Christmas Eve onsies as goodbye gifts for the bubbas. They also helped in the treasure hunt for Duckys bears & Jaspeys new angry birds book! Darcey absolutley loved the tales. One day we walked into Nannas but i saw gift wrap & kids presents everywhere, I told them we had to go to the park for a bit as Jingle & Dec were here. Grampy shouted out that Nannas friendly elf Elfred was shy & so they couldnt come in, Their little faces lit up with the widest grins & happy, curious giggles. Too much**
We had intended to go for a nice walk on Christmas day as we had some time to spare between dropping Ducky home & seeing Garys nan. But weather did not permit until the weekend. We had a nice chilled Sunday morning & then met with my good friend Laura, Auntie Bella & Uncle Nickoli for coffee. After daddy went off for the football & me & the cherubs along with their scooters went along the seafront promenade heading for the park before sunset. They both wanted to play on the rocks & stones & step onto the sand where the tide as gone out. So we spent half an hour messing about before we got the park where they played pirates & we danced alone in the park when darkness fell to the bubbas favourite song at the mo, "What does the fox say!?". Most annoying, ridiculous song but I intend to get a video of Jaspers scatty, funny dancing to this, he loves it so much hehe** Photos on my S4 are just brilliant I do love this camera. I may one day invest in a really good camera as I just adore taking photos but am not to clever on the creative side of some of the pics I see on other blogs. I folow I heart snapping on Instagram as they have some great ideas & camera tricks to teach. Love my lil munchkins & again this fabulous sunset walk* 143

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