Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Lewes Castle

We had such a great adventure last week with my bro in law & niece Skye coming along with us four to Lewes for the day to explore the Castle & town then head to a new soft play we hadnt visited before. It was such a great day, the bubbas loved running around the castle & climbing the many steps to each new room. The beauty in view from the top of the castle had Jasper stunned & he really was in awe just staring from each opening he could find. Bless him he is too small to see through the parapet walls so he collected all the step ups provided for us shorter lot & built a tall step to be able to see. Lil brain box* He was so excited & had such energy viewing the castle & asking me to read the plaques & posters. Lewes town was just as stunning as the castle. Town houses built in such a unique, pretty way. Hanging baskets at each door & floral displays around the town brightening the footpaths. We had lunch in The Pelham Arms, a lovely local pub with the best chips I have had just ever. The bubbas settled well with a portion each & colouring to do. Just such a chilled day. Then we head for the soft play Monkey Bizness which was such a great find & we are going to head back soon with my twinny in tow as she will join me on the slides too & it'd just be so funny & silly* We didnt manage to get back to museum in the grounds of the castle as after soft play the bubbas were desperate to snooze. It was getting too close to dinner time & so we got them home for bath, dinns & snuggles. After reading their bedtime stories, two each, all Julia Donaldson books, the cherubs & i fell asleep. I was so wiped out & it was only half six but we all certainally needed it after a hugely busy, fun filled day. <3 143 <3 

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