Saturday, 15 February 2014

big boy bike

So Grampy is just so amazing & snapped up a great deal on a Cars bike for my lil studley. It has stabalisers & is the perfect size for his long skinny pins. After all the stormy weather we've had he hadnt had a chance to get out & ride it outdoors so on a rare sunny day we went over to Nanny & Gramps with Auntie Bella to cycle the tracks of the graveyard out the back of their home on the downs. He had a few coaching lessons from Gramps & then boom, he was off. He rode like a pro & was so impressed with himself. He did have a few falls at first but still confident he got up & just done it. I was wooping & shouting like a loser with such joy at how quickly he picked it up. We all boosted him with high fives & words of such adoration for his amazing skills & he was so proud of himself he was running & jumping & going "Yes, yes!!" haha. So much cuteness* Asked who is the best bike rider ever in light of his fab ride he still insisted Uncle Mike is...(Uncle Mike being a pro MotoX rider-Champ*) He has had a love of green bikes since I can remember, he can tell you brands of Mx bikes & loves pointing out the Monster Energy logo. He is so spoilt by extreme sports gear, new bike toys, outfits & converse shoes (all bike pros have good shoes!!) He also sits on the toilet at Nannas with a Mx magazine for reading material!! Haha. He has had an array of ride alongs from Gramps & his Uncles including a mini quad that he rode solo after just an afternoon of practice. He is such an adventure bunny & Im sure given the chance he will be trying Mx as a sport in the not to distant future. Lil champ* 143
I am very very proud of the Uncle my lil bro has become considering when Jaspey was born he was too terrified to hold him for a full month. But now he actually builds games & fun for his fave boy with his fiance Vicky who equals his love of studley & Im am just far too lucky with how adored he is by them both & well all my sissys & brothers, inlaws included. He is so loved & how could I ever show how happy & grateful that makes me. I do hope that Jasper has character like his Champ uncle & the confidence in his skills, hobbies whatever he may choose* Heres a video I got sent at work that I never want to lose, priceless**

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