Sunday, 9 February 2014

Our Sunday*

I woke early to set up a selection of breakfast for the bubbas to create & choose from an array of foods. Lil cereal boxes, toast, fruit, milk & doghnuts :):) When they saw what surprise was waiting them they were so excited & got stuck in right away. Ducky buttering her own toast & getting sticky with strawberry jam. Pouring glasses of milk for her & Stud. It was so cute to see them enjoying the selection & assisting each other & being very relaxed whilst dining. Too cute. We then head over to Nannas to see all the fam & made the birds some treats to hang in the trees. We fed bluberries, cranberries, grapes & cheerios to string & looped them from the trees for the local wildlife to graze on. Jasper is at Nannas tommorow to check if the treat loops have been nibble hehe.
 We went to the park then hiked a two hour trail over the south downs where I used to walk old family dogs & know all the shortcuts & forest trails much to the admiration of the boyf. It was lovely & sunny but so windy that at the top of the highest point reached with no forest to shield us we had to carry Jasper as he was set to blow away & getting quite frightened bless him. Darcey loved it though running most of the journey & giggling manically at the wind pushing her along. It was so tranquil & seeing the cherubs enjoy the great outdoors so much was awesome. As I said these are paths I trod so eagerly as a child with my mama & siblings so it was really peaceful & memories whirred. Even so much as to get a pic of my darling son on the bench that was so prevelant in my childhood as a checkpoint for our adventures up the downs. Just such a brilliant day* Perfect Sunday 143


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