Friday, 25 October 2013

the sweet most happiest boy, my studley harrison*

I feel almost boastful sometimes on this blog as I am just such a proud, happy mummy. My children have made my life excude happiness passion, love & adventure & ignited my child like fun & silly side. I adore my hubbs so much more seeing how he is with our children & feel so blessed in the lifestyle he so eagerly provides for us working so so hard at being a success in his career & coming home even when shattered with an amazing energy & adored character that makes Jasper leap from his seat to greet him. We are just a very happy family. Our hearts ache each day though for the desire to have Ducky here too, that will never go away. But in all we as four are what Ive always desired from family life. I work but my shifts suit very well to Jaspers school & my mama has a day with Jasper which she asked for in return for helping me get back to work. They have their own adventures & studley is so spoilt with love & fun & just adores nannys house & the excitement of who may be there, especially if the boys all have an early leave from work then he is greeted by Grampy & both uncles. We are so very close as a family unit & Jasper & Darcey are so lucky to be adored by four aunties & four uncles on just my family side alone. Going off point anyhow* So we spent the afternoon at nannas. He has a whole chest of toys & bookshelf of books there so is always well entertained by toys he forgot he had. He & Ducky had coin pots from my dad for our holiday in June so they had savings for all the ice creams they wanted. They used to do dances or sing a tune for coins & made alot of money between themselves & the pennys are back. Jasper found a huge bowl of them & so we pretended to count them using the numbers Jasper remembers as we go. He still jumps from 15-18 & is starting to realise the routine & pattern that comes after twenty. He then started making shapes & what he called trains, fire engine & a transformer out of coins. So i got involved & it was the most easy fun hour with my bubb. I spelt our names, he is obsessed with the letters in his name so he made these himself too. He danced on the coins, he rolled them, he made music with the sounds of stepping on a pile of them, he just adored this simple activity born from a pot of coins. He really is just the happiest, most darling boy to be around. He has a lil temper sometimes that is so easy to control & he is easily led out of a strop. He seeks fun & happiness & has got very accustomed to saying "I love you mummy & I make you happy coz your smiling arnt you"!!! So cute. I love his amazing character & the soulful joy he expells. He is just such a passionate beautiful lil studley. Seeing him so content playing solo & then playing with me just makes me realize how incredible this young beaut is. Hes just happy. He has great friendships with some dear lil cuties that he is always so kind to & shares amazingly with & just last week he was allowed to bring Rainbow bear from playschool home for a sleepover as he had behaved so wonderfully with his friends at school. What a gorge angel** Im so proud* Love you millions Jasper Casey <3 <3 <3 143

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