Friday, 11 October 2013

Spider crafts

I had a comment on a previous post from the lovely Pinkoddy at Pinkoddy blog about Jaspers fascination with spiders & she suggested some crafts she had done inspired by the critters. So today with just an hour to spare before Auntie Jojo came to collect the lil dude for a sleepover we made a paper plate Mr Spiderkins & we doodled some spiders onto scratch paper. Jaspers doodle explanations were so sweet as many of the squiggles are unrecognizable but to him they are webs, spiders with eight legs & one with a jumper on. Time ran out too quickly, i was so enjoying a crafty moment with my stud. He had been asleep all afternoon due to early start from his horrid cough hes got just now. Its quite unsettling to me, he has 15 hours at playschool allocated to him now & he so adores his school Rainydays and his friends there but I have dropped a days work as my schedule conflicted with Garys new job, and I just miss him. I appreciate the time to concentrate on our home & essential family stuff & of course time for myself but its definatly lonely without him. We get Monday mornings, Tuesday afternoons & Thursday & Friday full day together but it doesnt seem enough and very very soon he will be at school. EEk...I had papers through the post this week explaining the open day times at his catchment school & I actually cryed. I dont want our amazing adventures to be so limited, I dont want the transition, the huge transition that school entales for me & Jasper & I dont want to miss out on my precious time with him. Missing Darcey every single day is an ache to me, I think of her all the time & wonder whats she has been up to. So I know the absence Im sure to feel when Jasper goes to school full time. Again eek...

Anyhow, more crafty autumn fun I recently saw a post about an Autumn bucket list that I thought was just amazing as did Darcey so we have made the tree cut out & written down adventures we want to take until Winter kicks in. Some are very traditional autumn ideas & some are ideas that we have done each year this season comes round ever since I first met Darcey. One certainally being running into the sea even when the water is freezing & the waves angry. I plan to look at tide times this year since I was scared I'd loose a bubba last time. We are also going to get a much needed family photo taken, only by a friend with a good camera, but one we can display on the wall proudly. Quite a mission as Darcey only really likes to pull faces in pics but im thinking photo of the back of us all holding hands walking along the low tide with sun warming us in the chill. Were'll see though as with kiddy winks everything is uncertain & unpredictable. Link to Autumn bucket list with Catch a single thought. Lovely blog** I linked this on my facebook & had so many mama friends ask me about the awesome idea & have promised to send me pics of their creations soon.

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