Friday, 11 October 2013

reminded me*

So my amazing mama & pops live right on the edge of the lush south downs. Just outside their garden gate is my mums horses field where Miss Chloe & Bonnie live. As if that isnt amazing enough they then follow a gate through straight onto the wonder that is Sompting downs. A wonderland of nature, fun & exploring. As a child who grew up in this house & enviroment I have such fond memories of my life here & being so lucky to live such a life with adventure & fun at our garden gate. The area that is off my parents garden is very secluded so it almost feels like our space. Blackberries grow full & huge here, we played rounders & cricket everyday in the summer here & i learnt to ride a bike on the curve of the hill here. Such amazing memories with my absolutly amazing family. For Darceys birthday weekend she didnt want a party, she wanted to see her cousin Skye. So we went on a trip to flying fortress playzone & the bubbs spent 4 hours gettin very sweaty & exhausted from so much play. Jasper kept up with them & had me, Gary & my brother in law Craig in stitches with his techniques to master the bigger, harder areas of the incredible play area. Its a huge maze of fun in an old airplane bunker. With a lil cafe inside for us to enjoy a slush puppy & sweeties from as a treat. After this & the bubbas having a snooze in the car we headed for nannas house with Darcey & Jaspers scooters in tow. Darceys being a new inline, 2 wheeled big girl scooter with her own Ben 10 bell! My very intention being that they can tick off the list another of my favourite past times as a child, scooting/biking/running around the local graveyard. It sounds a bit morbid & maybe disrespectful but this is a very secluded graveyard with few visitors each day & many paths to choose & hills to scoot down. I as a child visited this spot daily & was always very respectful same as today if visitors came in. We picked a great time as only a couple of people where in the yard across the other side. We had so much fun scooting around & then climbing the chalk pit & exploring the views. It was such a perfect few hours spent outside with my brothers, sisters & partners all joining us & reminising. It so amazing to me to see my darlings enjoy the same exact activities that my childhood consists of, their love of the outdoors & nanna & Bellas horseys & their fearless exploration of creatures, different flowers & leaves. Such a location to some would seem strange but to me this was such a huge highlight in my childhood & seeing Darcey & Jasper put a pretty stone or a daisy on their great grampys grave & enjoy the space like my siblings & I is just so incredible to me. 143*

(my bro & sis in law in the pic! lots of precious people in this graveyard)

 view from the top!! I can see the sea* 

my darling neice Skye, cherub pie & studley!!

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