Friday, 11 October 2013

J is for Jasper

So Jasper just loves his playschool Rainy Days. I love seeing how mucky he is when they called him at pick up time, I love how excited he gets when I tell him its school day & I love his little skipping, dancing excited jog up to school. He just loves all the new experiences, the mucky crafts, his friends, the dress up area, the garden is his happiness & they now have a mud kitchen which he just loves. And of course he enjoys his teachers & all they teach him & the knowledge they feed him. He is very intrigued by letters & numbers & we love doing his learning books & his Usbourne activity books that Nanna gets him. We also now have National Geographic kids on subscription more so for my excitement just now & Jasper gets an Alphablocks magazine fortnightly & loves his time when he has mummy at the table, snacks & milk beside him ready for some doodling with letters. He knows J is for Jasper & has got brilliant skill in writing his initials now & recognizing them, including his middle name that he know begins with the same letter as Mummys real name Cara. Often walking along the street, in the supermarket & in the most random spots he points out his J's. He has started with a b c & d now too. He knows M is for mummy. He knows for now the difference between b, d & p which to a young child is so very confusing as same shape but different positioning. Darcey still struggles with this on occasion. For his lunchbox snacks of fruit I have been cutting his apple, carrot & cheese in the shape of his initials. This was the talk of lunchtime on Wednesday & inspired the school to spend an our talking about Letterland letters. I read actually that Jaspers catchment school has Letterland as a daily phonics activity & the next day Jasper found the Letterland book for 70p in a charity shop & begged me for it. I of coursed agreed haha. Today he called me in at snacktime to show me he had created J from his grapes & his crisps. I displayed his snacks as his full initials & he took photos so happily telling me he cant wait to show them to daddy & Darcey Im so in awe of this little darling sponge brain I created. He is amazing to me. He is so intelligent & so interested & explores fearlessly. Such a stud. 143*

autumn colours snacks :)

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