Friday, 25 October 2013

wet, cold & stupidly happy*

The past weekend we had plans to meet up with my sisters at our local park early so they could see the sweeties. Bella being the best twinny ever got me coffee :):) & we all had a giggle on the swings & messing about reminising on Homefield park, the park we all played in when were'd visit our Nanny & Gramps. Our childhood park, another nanny park on the list. (I live so close to where my nan & G lived). Its very different to how it used to be & newly refurbished as a space & rocket theme which is a bonus as its so so close to us & had seen better days. Us girls had a good gossip & the bubbas climbed trees & hills, searched for spiders & found an 18 spot ladybird & very friendly cat before were'd even got into the park. They see adventure & fun in the simplest of things its fascinating & just so inspiring to me. The babes are both at an age where they can tackle each park activity solo if needed & they both love the zipline installed so Im only really called to join in when it comes to this, other than that they wanted to be transformer & power ranger together. The weather has taken a turn but it was dry & welly boots on I wasnt too fussed but only 10 minutes into being in the park it started to drizzle. Both bubbs not stopping at all but us girls taking cover under a tree & wincing at how fast Ducky ran across the wet path. The roundabout got wet & the slide gained a puddle in an instant even though the rain didnt seem to heavy. My sisters decided to leave & i contemplated leaving for home too but they were having so much fun in the park with just a couple of other children they had free rein of each space. I asked if they wanted to leave & of course they said no. I relaxed a little, rationializing that Jaspey gets a sniffle at nursery off other children, a few rain drops wouldnt hurt as it was strangely warm with it. And just like that, we had one of the most awesome fun trips to the park ever. Ducky & stud could not believe that I was letting them stay out in the rain & revelled in the drops on their hands & faces. They were careful but energised & fiesty on aparatus they havent been quite so confident on. They just loved going down the slide again & again getting their gorgee tushes soaked in the puddle formed & encouraged such frivilous, fun play of each other, jumping the trampoline harder & climbing with high fives at the end, best friends having the best morning. I snapped away enjoying the moment so much, soaked, calm, totally content in the autumn wild weather!! When they decided they wanted babychinos from home we left. They explored a little more investigating webs & clinbing through overgrown trees. Daddy got the call to put warm milk & bath on & our morning was complete. Just the best, spontaneous, silly time with my sweet cherubs. The hubbs was genuinally gutted he'd not been invited after showing him how much fun we had on camera. Love my darling family so much & I just adore how wonderfully close my sisters & bro's are to me. Im so very lucky*143

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