Thursday, 3 October 2013

birthday ducky doo*

Happy 6th birthday to my sweet angel Darcey. My gosh were has this time gone. Its magic that I can celebrate this day as the birth of darling Ducky, ive been so blessed with my beautiful step daughter. Six years ago this day was insignificant to me, I couldn't even tell u where I was working, what I was doing...but this amazing boo was born unbeknown to me. She became the most amazing love to me. I absolutely adore you Dàrcey doo. I adore what you have given my heart & soul, I cherish that darling giggle & even that grumpy frown. I love your cheeky face that lights up when you have done something you know shouldnt of, I love how you fake laugh hysterically which then descends into hysterical laughter between you, Jasper & I, not one of us knowing why were laughing so hard. I just love love love you cuddles, your silly kisses & nose bumps. The secret handshakes, the hand holding, the crazy fact that your nearly as tall as me but still mange to curl up so small on my lap when your sleepy. I love you sweet baby girl. I LOVE YOU. 
Being a step mother became the biggest role & biggest movement to me in my mid twenties. It is such a huge thing to me, anyone who is a step parent can regard how immense the role is to be blessed with but also the fear of not being excepted or wanted. It was so intense. I was leaving to travel Australia when I fell for my love story Gary. I tried hard to not fall for him worrying what would happen when I left, but it made us strong & so so amazingly connected not seeing each other for six months. I had seen pictures of this darling cherub cheeked toddler, tiny lil ponytail on top her head, pink clothes & dresses, all too cute for words** When i first met her I handed her a Koala teddy which she really loved but she was very shy & not one for many words. Saying that so very quickly our bond grew. Id wake early at weekends to her whispering in my ear for "some food please Rara!!" Id wake early & sit playing & watching cbeebies, cuddled up on the recliner with blankets & teddys packed round us & snoozing in each others arms. I was energised by her, so taken in by the love of being adventurous, fun & happy, the main rules for a toddlers existence. Just so facinating to have this lil bubb trust me to be good to her, to be so open & Im so so proud of the family we have become over these years & so proud of how taken my heart was to you but also yours to mine. I love you so much darling Darcey, happy birthday kisses & wishes to you, Im so proud to watch you grow into such a clever girl at school, such a fearless explorer & such a great character to add to our amazing family. 143 sweet boo*

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