Friday, 4 October 2013

autumn fun*

So greys skys or not me & Jasper love to get outside. His love of nature & creepy crawlies has excelled since our trip last week to The National History museum where we saw a whole room dedicated to crawlies & a wildlife garden full of flowers & trees that amazed him. He's definatly like his mama in that sense. We have a park near us that hosts bowls events & is somewhat of a treasure to our little town by the sea. I used to have picnics & run around the trees in the middle hump that had secret hide outs & paths through a mass of overgrown trees (its fenced off now). Its very close to where we live & where my nanny & grampy Light lived. We visited it all the time with her hence why I call it the nanny park but its actually called Beachhouse Gardens. Anyway point being that it hosts a million different bugs just now, caterpillars hanging from their silks in the trees, swaying in the wind, Jasper was amazed at this. Spiders by the hundreds in webs close to each other spotted in trees & bushes. Huge chunky ones. He just loves his daily spider hunt* And lots of crane flys adorn the walls which he says are his favourite animal ever. But he has yet to see one fly at him so Im so sure this will change when one is hovering in his face. He talks to the collection of craneflys that are all across our building scattered on the white walls threatening to get in my open windows. I hate them** The spider hunt is a fun game though Im not too scared of spiders, although if their on me thats a different story. I faced my fears in Australia when huge Huntsman spiders would be above our hostel beds & we were forced to sleep among them. One plonking down once in my iced latte, ewww...Jasper gets all excited & waves hello to them. We are off to the library next week to find a book about such crawlies & nature. I love that my stud is so so interested in the world surrounding him every day. He just goes crazy for an adventure. Even when he was snuggled on the sofa last night almost falling asleep on me he said "Were having an adventure arn't we mummy, were cuddling & watching tv & thats our adventure!" too cute. We also signed up to recieve National Geographic Kids magazine in the post for both angels. Our frst copy had an Iron Man 3 article which had the bubbas flipping out about their 'favouritist magazine ever'!!! It is such a good read & I sat reading it myself when they went off to bed. We adore the Usbourne See Inside books too. Darcey has a human body one for her birthday & they already have one on dinosaurs, the world map, space & our planet. I love that they absorb so much from me reading these books to them & the lift up flaps are great to keep them interested & excited. We are going to try a new craft project this weekend too. They each have a small canvas & with masking tape I will spell out their names then they can paint all colours they love & add glitter, stickers etc to it. Once the masking tape is removed it will be a great name art to go on their art wall in the bedroom. Im living my childhood through these bubbas & feel so imspired everyday by their awesomeness :):) 143

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