Tuesday, 14 May 2013

seaside smiles*

The bubb is sleeping & so I finally have time to note down some more wonderful memories we have created this month. The sun has been shining alot of late which is definately a recipe for more giggles, fun & exploring. Mainly to the seaside which we are super lucky to live a two minute walk from. The bubbas so love running in the low tide small laps of the sea & building sand castles, well Jaspey just mainly loves chucking wet sand & gettin stupidly mucky. This week we ventured down to the beach with towels, suncream, swim shorts, new bucket & spade & digger truck (poundland#woo). We were well prepared & had the most amazing afternoon just me & the stud. We have our bike out of the garage so cycled there. Got some lunch that we ate on the seaside & of course Jaspey got an ice cream the size of his head!! :) He paddled, sat, pretended to swim & jumped in the surf & had the best fun. I just watched blissfully content. I splashed him & ran & giggled with him & helped him write his name in the sand but unfortunalty my mobile phone had died so have no photo evidence but my heart will hold this day forever it was so brilliant. Its amazing how a soulful connection can genuinally overwhelm you. My love for my little boy just overspills my heart it really does. I must note though that this month we have seen a slight temper filter into Jaspers character. He doesnt tantrum hard or scream the house down, infact he's actually pretty crap at the whole strop/tantrum/meltdown scenario but he did say "My not happy, you make me cross mummy!". I hid my giggles & daddy walked away laughing. I decided a day of cake eating or sweets was not needed. I just said his & Darceys teeth needed a break, well obviously to a two year old this is shattering. Bless him* But again he has gained all sense of happiness that the sun seems to bring. We had an awesome time yesterday again heading to the seafront pirate park & we did bring swimwear but the wind was just too cold so we hid in our new favourite cafe by the park where mama had coffee & bubba had babychino ("my coffee mummy!") & a croissant. I read him some books & we just chatted it was surreal really he has such deep conversations now, has so many words in that amazing brain, so much knowledge. We then came home & sat in the back garden whilst Uncle Craig' new tortoise ran around like a loon keeping us on our toes (who said tortoises were slow was wrong, or is that turtles??) We sat in the sun for two hours, washed boo's bike & played with the tortoise, still un-named but according to Jasper is called Ironman!! His new obsession. He just loves all the Marvel movies & they have been on the tv recently so we recorded them & each day is breakfast with want for Ironman or Spiderman on the tv. He loves them. Well little boo got lucky as daddy decided to treat his little heman to an Ironman outfit just as good as the real thing!!! Pics to follow but my gosh he looks tooooo cute in his outfit. We had a good weekend with lil ducky too & got an extra night with her as it was a bank holiday. Again seaside fun was had, gettin bit repetitive but the kiddy winks do love it & me & Gary just acted like kids building castles ourselves. Perfect happiness** 143

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