Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Birthday Stud*

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man, the most amazing father & the most cherished love of my heart, my hubbo boyf dimple king!!** A letter to you for your birthday sweetheart, to wish you all the happiness on your special day, but to blog about how grateful & lucky I am to have found you. First off, you blessed me with the most wonderful love in our children, I cannot imagine my life any different. Im not sure when I was young what I pictured for myself at 27 years old but I certainally hoped on hope that I would have found a good man to love me true & who I would love so dearly as I do you. I am so unbelievably blessed, astounded by the life we have together, how happiness is just so overwhelming when we have adventures as a family & how just loving you are to me even when Im being stroppy, tired or lazy :) I just love you with all of my heart babe. You are a brilliant daddy, the ultimate best fun player to our cherubs, a good team player in this parenting malarky & the softest mushy beaut when reading stories & putting Darcey & Jasper to bed. When I first met you I of course knew you had a young daughter, we spoke of her all night on New Years eve 2009, the way yopu spoke of her was so inspiring & loving, it gave me butterflies how passionate you were. New years eve was the first night we kissed. The day we now record as our anniversary :) <3 I left you for six months soon after to travel Australia & our love grew in such a muddled, mysterious way. We didnt see each other other than in photos for all that time, we spoke daily, our phone bills immense by the end of my trip. I came home for you, I cut my trip because I just needed to be with you, I missed you so much, I still remember that ache of missing you. It was the passion in our need to be together, finally we were & I moved in to your flat within the month of being home & have lived here ever since. We made it our home & its where we have raised these sweet angels we cherish. We havent had it as easy as it sounds but my god all the struggles & challenges we faced have sculpted our love & look at us now babe, I feel so proud that we are so strong as a team, so strong as a unity. I remember watching you in the hospital when Jasper was born & just feeling so calm, so secure & content & so overwhemingly in love with the family we created. I love your cute sad face you do, I love your dimples, I love your sleeping face, so calm & cute...I love when you hold my neck & cuddle me in, I love how funny you are, I love that you do press ups with chubby old me on your back, I love your muscles!! :) I love that you make me coffee even tho you hate that Im addicted to it, I love how fun you are with Darcey & Studley & how creative you are in games you play with them, I love the adventures you create...
'I love you' is so understated, the word doesnt mean enough, it doesnt express enough but I know you understand me truley. ILY 143 baby, our own special code, the words we know, we share that are equal to how we both feel. How beautiful is our life together baby, so wonderful. I hope you enjoyed you special day, being with you & Jasper was so lovely & chilled. I am so happy that you were able to speak to ducky too. I love you 143 baby, all my heart & kisses xxxx Wifey boo

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