Sunday, 25 August 2013

my sweet girl

After last weeks heartache me & baby dadda decided it would do us some good to have a quality day each with our darlings. He had holiday time off & it has been incredible, relaxed & so lovely having him home everyday. Even though I didnt see him much yesterday & day before we still grouped back as a family for dinner time & snuggled for storytime & Darceys reading each night. I so love this gorgeous man with all my heart (just a side note!) Jasper was very tired & unfortunatly not well on our day together & neither was I so we done indoor activities, played, snuggled infront of a movie & he napped beside me. Huge hugs all day were just perfect. Ducky & I then had a girls day. She has asked me many times before if we could go on a 'double deco' together without Jaspey. (Double decker bus-without Jaspey because we have the buggy with him so dont go up the stairs!!). We went into Brighton on the bus & excitedly each way got on the double decker. Right at the front on the way home, Darcey pretending to drive & marvelling at being able to see so much from so high up. We went on the pier & had such fun on some stupidly expensive rides haha. I was so proud of my lil bugly for going down the super high Helter Skelter on her own & spinning on the tea cups solo. Such a confident little girly now** She was in need of new autumn clothes & we had a great time trying on all her clothes she had helped pick out. Such gorgeous outfits for our gorgeous blondie & everything she chose so suited her. Not one item was pink hehe. She got a beautiful denim shirt that matches mine & some lovely leggings. Shes so teeney tiny & her cute pins are so skinny in her leggings but she looks just stunning. Such a beautiful angel, modelling her clothes confidently & showing off dancing around just made me so so proud of her. She gets so lost sometimes in her moodiness & finds it hard to snap out of a bad grump. But today was just a perfect date day with my lil Ducky. For this & against last weeks stresses this was really a overwhelmingly physical aching happy heart* I now know Darcey will have bad days, they arent always going to be perfectly happy brother & sister but after her words today I know she is in no way against her little brother. I asked her if her boy Smurf toy was her boyfriend (jokes*) & she said no Jasper is. She then asked Jasper if he'd be her boyfriend & marry her. He said yes & she proceeded to show him how to walk down the aisle when they get married. She happily told Jasper if they got married together then they can live together forever. Speaks volumes** 143

those freckles-melt my heart ducky doo

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