Sunday, 25 August 2013

what is in a name?

Darcey has asked me before why she was called Darcey June. I have told her its the name her mummy & daddy chose for her. Gary cannot remember exact reasoning or memory around her name being chosen. Other than he liked it for his daughter :) We researched alot of names when Jasper was in my belly. My first thoughts were names Id always liked. Jonah, Noah & Issac came to mind, I love biblical boys names. They just didnt suit & Gary was desperate for that ding ding feeling in his heart when a name was said that would be the name we called our son. We liked Colbie as it was our favorite singers name. We liked Eli & Elijah but they werent stand outs for us & Gary loved Tamer. I let him believe it was on the list knowing in the next few months Id never really agree to it. hehe naughty me** Then I came across Jasper on a baby name website. It ment Master of the treasure & I loved that. I loved the way I said Jasper Harrison out loud. I imagined it as his name being called at register & sounding unique but not too far fetched. I imagined him as a baby, child, teenager & man with this name. It went well with each stage & to my mind became perfect. It took a few weeks, maybe even a couple of months to really get Gary dead set on it & then one glorious day he called me from work & said "What about Jasper Casey Harrison". Magic to my ears &  I loved that he had chosen a lovely name for Jasper to be proud of & again researching the meaning of Casey it ment brave. Master of the treasure & brave* Just so fitting. He was set to be a pirate haha!! I still absolutly adore our chosen name for our son. It fits him so well & people always comment on how beautiful it is. The midwife just said we have had a fair few hate it aswell. It is set in my heart as such a wonderful memory when in all the trauma & fear in labour when I was taken away from my mum to theatre I said "His name is Jasper when you meet him" & she burst into tears. Such a truly touching, emotional moment I'll always remember. 
Darcey asked me yesterday "Why do people be called other names?" It got us talking about the meaning of our own names & daddy having been given five names haha!! I asked her if she could think of a name she would like to of been called other than Darcey & she said Jasper. Haha, aside from Jasper she'd also like Spiderman Silly Gazman. Jasper said Ironman Gaz. Gary is Captain fantastic daddy & I was Supermummy** Love my darling cherubs they do make me giggle. It made me think back to when I was younger. I was desperate to change my name, I didnt dislike Cara, I just would of liked a few names to go by really. I loved Clara & Claudia & remember having a friend called Natalia & wanting that name for a while too. Im so glad I have my slightly unique easy name now, as I said with Jasper, it seems to fit. 

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