Tuesday, 16 June 2015


I rarely get an oppurtunity of all of my Harrisons looking groomed, happy & in one place together with a friend or family member to play cameraman. The odd family selfie is okay but i find with these I get the green light from the cherubs for 3 seconds of smiles & then its eye rubs & fake grins from Ducky & an impatient Jaspey. It takes my man at least 10 frames before he stops looking like Chandler Bing in photos too so basically its always 'we try', its mainly 'we fail' haha. But this weekend we got to enjoy our favourite place with my brother & his girly & baby boy Reggie roo. They took pics of us & I of them.
 Alongside this we had a great afternoon stroll in the sunshine, fed the ducks & climbed chalk hills & trees. Swanbourne Lake is just magical for all its beauty & magic hidden in the roots of the trees we clung to to climb & the surrounding scenes of Arundel castle. Plus spending time with my dear family & sweet sweet nephew is so lovely. He giggled away happily, gorgeous little angel. Jasper & Ducky flocking him for cuddles & forehead kisses. Too flaming cute<3

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