Tuesday, 16 June 2015


My sweet lil cherub has gained confidence & smiles galore again. Im sure the changed access timing & schedule to suit her better & us to see her more has been a massive positive for our sweet girly. She has had a few changes happen that could of been a knock but seem to of occured for the better & this makes me super dooper happy to see her vibrant energy back once again. It still slumps a little with the knowledge of home time looming or the fact that she is aware she still misses important occassions even when its not celebrated until were with her like her daddys birthday back in May. She understands fully her divided home status & schooling etc but will still ask why she cant come. Comstantly having to tell her that plans were not agreed by her mum does upset her so we choose to white lie our way out of some of these such things. It makes her feel more comfortable to not know her mum has declined us extra time for an occasion as it then still creates a negative in her heart against her mother instead of us which obviously also does not sit well with us so we choose to alter truths to help Ducky. She is such a charcater, she is goofy & gangly & just so incredibly loving at the moment & I hope this is through being content. It must be such a struggle for a little to understand why when love is such an important thing in the world that her mum & dad dont hold that feeling between them anymore. To a child seeing love between parents is hugely comforting. I just hope she always in our presence feels strength from our love as her step mama & Daddy. She will grow to seek what her family give her & so I, we, will give her our all always. The massive leaps she is showing us is testament that not all broken families have broken children. She has struggled & Im sure there will be many times again that she will. But for now, our spoirited lil butter bean is awesome, happy, lovable & loved beyond measure. 
This week she enjoyed telling studley all about her cuts, bruises & scrapes as a four year old & we looked through old photos of her to show him the picture of her when she had scabs on the her nose just like him. She is nearly as tall as nanna. She learnt to catch a ball which i was kicking to her each time & we tallied 126 on catch which was massively hard considering she was giggling so much. She is so athletic naturally & totally took to the new swingball set Nanna spoilt them with. She read with me. She read to Jaspey. She wanted to hear the story of my first night staying with her at our home when she was a lil ninja barely two year old, who escaped from her cot & woke me in the morning for milk. I woke up to her face right by mine saying "Milk pwease" It scared the hell outta me & she loves this** She has been saving pocket money & can count it up & when we add more pennies she can also count this into pounds & pennies. She is already asking for things for her birthday. And planning her party!! haha x 143

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