Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Jasper turns five

I write this on the morning of your birthday waiting for you to wake so we can begin your exciting day of fun in London. I have Ducky behind me watching me type & marvelling at the speed in which I do. She is fidgety & impatient wanting you awake so she too can see your presents that are hidden behind rainbow wrapping & glitter sparkle tissue paper. You chose this yourself with cutest desire for "Something sparkly please mummy, like this." My thoughts are so scattered & as always on your birthday I feel emotional & so incredibly proud reminiscing on the wonderful year we have had. The year that you have had, as a four year old.
You have just started your summer holiday after completing your first year of school. What a ride that's been & how many friends you have by years out is just immense. You have been on a few school trips & had my heart pounding at your first 2nativity. You were confidently, preciously amazing. It's been a hard one at times for you too tho Studley. We had a few battles that you so valiantly destroyed. Whilst living through them, I was not so brave but you my incredible little bubble of love, you always pushed for positivity & love. You are my hero. You made our hearts fill up & spill over with pride & happiness every damn day of the struggles. You are my ray of sunshine & moonlight love. No word will ever be accurate to describe my love for you. No words or song or poem feels powerful enough. The feeling & blessing to be your mama is just astounding & incredible.  To get to write this post to you, my amazing son. I love & adore you Jasper. I happily say you are my everything.  The most beautiful, happy, fun adventure heart. ♡
Your awake now & have devoured your gifts dressed as 'Flash'. Saying "wow" to each one & squielling at the amount of pound coins lined in your card from your cuz Reggie. You have hugged the life out of your new wiggly centipede toy Max already. I have read your new book whilst you play & now it's all about Juggernaut. What a pace to live by. The happiest filled moments. Your truly are an angel studley. I love you. We love you. But hey you know that right!! Haha. Most cherished Bubb ever xxxx 143 birthday boy. ♡♡♡

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